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A very expensive paperweight

January 2022 newsletter

We're ramping up our YouTube plans, we've got dates for group training, and we've treated ourselves to some new kit!

We've bought a go pro and a drone. We can't figure either of them out... But they look very nice sat on top of the fridge. If nothing else they will make lovely paperweights.... We have a babysitter coming later in the week to free us up to go for an adventure so we best figure it out pretty quick.

We finally have some group training dates available! Winter working horse skills! We will cover correct fitting of harness, safe hitching and unhitching, longlining, voice commands and Sledging. Then other skills in the afternoon such as horse logging, chain harrowing or carriage driving. It will be weather dependent which we are able to do, but you will get plenty of time hands on working the horses! They will be running on the 20th of February /19th of March. Can't make it? We can always do private tuition 🤠

We've got ourselves some super fancy new Western Roping saddles. For all our Roping needs (we have no Roping needs... But maybe in the future!). Getting them involved a 5 hour round trip in the car, a chicken farm, an inpassible track, and a treasure trove of western saddles in a very obscure but beautiful place! Check out the extremely knowledgeable You don't have to go there they will help you over the phone, and send them out we're just extremely nosey!

Lastly Mike has found a new way to show off... Enjoy!


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