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Bring your horse to Hitch In Farm

We've been taking our new wagon out for some speedy spins this week! The horses are loving how light it is, and they're on a lot of fresh grass at the moment. So to say the driving has been enthusiastic would be an understatement. 😂

We've filmed all of the footage for our first YouTube video! Now it's only a case of teaching myself how to edit it. And you know get it off the camera... And on to YouTube.

On the 16th to the 18th of September we'll be running a very special clinic where you can bring your horse along to help to advance their training! It will be a very small group of owners and some observer spaces will be available too. We'll work with each horse every day over the clinic to help their handlers reach their goals. Horses need to be handled and halter broken, but can be at any stage of training. We'll work on what you want to achieve, to help your horse get to the next stage! E.g learning how to longline, pulling their first tyre, or going on the wagon for the first time. The full 3 days will be £350 for a horse and handler and £240 for an observer spot. In the morning we'll work with the horses on the clinic, and in the afternoon we'll work with our horses (observers can join in this part too). We're expecting this to be oversubscribed so please contact me ASAP if you would like to get an in depth insight into how we train our team. The price includes board and feed for the horses.

I was going to tell you all about a5 day driving course in July too... But it filled within a few hours... So we're checking the calendar to see if we can do a second one in August! Watch this space...


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