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December 2021 newsletter!

Planning those new years resolutions? So are we! Eat better (cracks open another pot noodle), get fitter (plonks arse down on the sofa), save money (promptly browses eBay).....

But we have one resolution we actually made in the middle of last year, that we have been keeping, to inject a bit more fun and adventure into our lives! It feels especially important after the recent loss of my dad, age 62 in early December, having already lost mum at 52 in 2013. Life is waaaay too short.... I know we hear this all the time but it's an important thing!

In this last year we've really thrown caution to the wind, having sold our farm to try to find somewhere better, and so far having failed! 😂 We've had a bit more free time swapping lugging water across the fields and lighting fires to being firmly on grid for a little while. We've tried out Western riding, had a go on the high ropes, and flown helicopters!!! Most recently for my birthday we went pot holing, and did an underground series of zip wires which was epic!

For 2022 we have BIG plans for the business which we will reveal in due course. We've also booked a hot air balloon ride for 2, built some cool new off road vehicles, and I've made plans to climb Ben Nevis (I haven't told Mike yet though so 🤫)

If you want to have an adventure of your own with us now is the time! We'll be offering a discount of £40 on any full day for 2 people throughout January and February. New year's is probably the only time it's acceptable to crack out these corny frazes but there really is no time like the present!


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