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First ride off the farm

This week we rode out on 3 of our young horses for the first time!

Lottie, who is 4 years old and a Brabant came out for her first hack ever. She has done a bit of driving and field work, but not a huge amount because she has a sneaky foal this spring. Beautiful Hades followed along, over taking and doing a few laps. It was his first venture off our ground in his life. He is from a real working lineage, his grandmother Opal came along to keep everyone in line, and to help keep confidence high.

Clover was next she is a 4 year old Bretton, and a massive softie. She's also done plenty of field work and driving. We really like to do riding as the final stage of training (apart from going in shafts) as by the time they will happily pull a harrow or drive out in a team, most of them don't care at all if you want to get on and for a hack.

Oscar is a little more reticent than the others, he's always been a slightly nervous person (we chose the wrong playmate for him when he was a foal). So he's not quite ready to hit the road but he is making progress. The key to this training is to establish a really strong bond with him, so we become a source of comfort for him instead of something else to worry about. He's not quite there yet but he's definitely making progress!

Lupin is the sports car of the team, and she's more experienced than the others, we broke her to ride a couple of years ago, but she had over a year of turnout to grow up as she was showing some signs that she was finding everything a little stressful. She's come back to it all (driving, working and riding) like a duck to water. She was clearly pleased to have a new thing to do! No one trick ponies round here!

Here's a link to the full video.... Don't forget to like and subscribe! We're ta out a 4 in hand with our new wagon next.


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