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January 2022

Hello everyone happy new year!

They say never work with children or animals, and I was recently reminded why... The combination of an important zoom meeting and a barn full of horses was not a particularly bright idea.

As I said in the last newsletter we recently lost a family member, who was a complicated guy, with extremely complicated wishes... So we've enlisted the help of a high flying and serious solicitor to help as its far far above my pay grade.

So a zoom meeting was arranged to discuss important things with several other important people. Our signal is shocking in the middle of a forest in a valley, but there is one place with reliable signal in the stallions barn. So I dutifully set myself up in there. (if you haven't used zoom before, when you are speaking it puts your video feed front and centre) . Right in the middle of a conversation about potential legal liabilities, Rodger the stallion absolutely let rip with the loudest fart known to humanity. This thing probably registered on the richter scale, flashing my face up on the screen, as if to really draw everyone's attention to it. I'm not sure what the appropriate and proper response would be in this situation, but I fear blurting out 'that wasn't me' and giggling probably was not it.

We've been testing out some of our youngsters training, and recently took out Clover and Oscar in their first team of 4. Both had only been off the farm a couple of times before, so it was a bit of an ask. Apart from Oscar turning around occasionally to remind Clover how beautiful she is, it went really well! So you will be seeing a lot more of them popping up in the teams.

Don't forget we're offering £40 off private training days for 2 in January and February.

We have a couple of green broke working horses who will be for sale in April. To register your interest please reply to this email.

And as part of our new ethos of having more adventures you will soon be able to find us on YouTube!!!! We'll let you know when our first films are finished and ready to watch 😀


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