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Meet Hades

Meet HADES... keeper of the underworld and all round bad ass. Or at this stage cute fuzzy muffin. An absolute text book foaling from Lottie, finding the foal out and up at just after midnight last night was such a relief. With a very proud mum who loves him too. And now we can get a full night of sleep!!! The glory!!! We've been doing foal checks for some two months now, with someone traipsing down to the barn in their pj's every night, every 3 hours... I cannot wait for some of my brain power to return!!! (hopefully..)

Hades is the product of a cross between Lottie and Oscar. Oscar is Opal's son and so Hades has a pretty strong working lineage. We really don't stick to pedigree or single breeds as we have found innumerable health issues in the traditional 'pure bred' heavy horses. He is 1/4 percheron, 1/4 cob and 1/2 brabant. A proper mut by most peoples standards but 100% work horse!

Due to a cancellation we have 2 spaces available on our group training day next Saturday, the 23rd of April. We'll cover all the basics and some more advanced tips and tricks, and you will get the chance to put your new found skills to the test! As a deposit has already been paid, the places will be reduced! I will be advertising them on Facebook tomorrow if they are not already sold! So if you want to come along let me know ASAP! 😁

There are other group training days on the 14th and 28th of May, which will be £85 per person! Only 3 places remaining on the 14th, when we will also be joined by a professional photographer! We might even have a shower before this happens so it will be special indeed!!!

Can't make it? We can always do private tuition!

Spring has sprung and I am off out for an evening dog walk 🐶

All the best Ellie


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