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November 2021 newsletter

The search continues for the next Hitch In Farm, gratefully we have been offered refuge with some very generous friends, who have let us land on their doorstep with a goat, 12 horses, 2 dogs, a cat and a toddler... And a few artic lorry loads of machines... However the house we are staying in is scheduled for demolition in March. Pressure? What pressure?

It seems that the pandemic has driven a few people utterly mad, and those people seem to have more money than us, and desperately need farms, (just phoned up about a place in Carlisle, where they helpfully told us they were only allowing 30 viewings a day) So we're debating having to come up with a different, cunning, plan. *stares wistfully in the direction of Ireland...

Luckily we have some really fantastic forest rides and drives to keep us distracted. We can even take the foals out for jollys with us! We're developing some fun new vehicles to tackle the terrain with... More on that later, or if you need a sneak peak see the picture attached. We've also been exploiting our temporary riches and free time on a few adventures, including a recent trip to learn to fly helicopters, having a crack at Western riding, and going on a high ropes course.

Arthur also seems to now understand everything we say, particularly aparent this morning when Mike told him to go wipe his nose on the cat.

One slightly depressing complication has arisen since we moved. Walter hasn't been very well, and has been undergoing a lot of testing, to see what is going on! The vet reffered to it today as a very interesting case. Sounds expensive.

We have started running a few group training days, which have been very busy! So thanks to everyone for that! It's nice to know people want to have a play wherever we are in the country. And as ever we're still doing private tuition, so if you want to try something just get in touch!!! We can't however offer breaking and training at the moment. Dawn and Pete have drawn the line at 12 horses... Sigh.... 😂


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