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One year in Wales!

And what a year it’s been! Great people, new places and some time to to take it easy! We’ve officially just passed the anniversary of our move! It was only meant to be a temporary stop while we searched for something else, but a crazy house market, a family death and disputes about the will have thrown some reasonably big spanners in the works!

We’ve been trying to utilise this time not full blown farming to our advantage. Getting out more as a family, planning adventures we couldn’t manage with our normal levels of livestock. And spending time being creative and coming up with new ideas and schemes…

This week has been all about toys! (Thankfully all purchased before food shopping had to be paid for in organs). We finally got to test drive our modern chariot! Which was meant to be ready before February… Making it all the more exciting to see it! A quick gallop around, a few adjustments to the pole and neck yoke.. and some final touches (a filled in front and some paint work)… Probably another few weeks wait for good measure… And we have visions of hurtling down the beach with this bad boy! Potentially in costume… potentially not…. This is the type of serious argument taking place in the paddock household.

We also had an absolute blast filming our next YouTube video with our dune buggy! The ultimate off road vehicle for horses, because you can only get so far on the beaten track…

Oscar also carried his first rider off the farm! Doing exceptionally well despite low flying jets, illegal off road drivers and a flood…

If you haven’t seen our 4 in hand video its now live on YouTube 

We’re preparing for a full week of training courses starting on Saturday. As well as our upcoming horse and handler clinic in September!!

There is one horse and handler space available for this clinic on the 16th to the 18th of September.

If you can’t make it private tuition is always available! Just email for more information.


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