Working Horse Centre


Deep in the shadow of Dartmoor is Hitch-In Farm, a 35-acre piece of land that’s managed and cultivated by horsepower alone. Our horse-drawn ploughs and sleds bore furrows through the soil, transport bales and wood across to where they are needed and help manage the land in a sustainable way with the minimal use of fossil fuels.

Our aim is to preserve working horses in a way that’s compatible with modern life and teach those skills to others.

Hitch-In Farm is largely self-sufficient as a small-scale farm. Our drive towards sustainability includes using modern equipment that’s purely horse-powered – our I&J hitch cart lets us use modern balers and other conventional tractor machinery, with a PTO shaft when pulled by a team of horses, and in 2016, we produced 700 bales without a drop of fuel.

At Hitch-In Farm, we offer taster days, weekend courses, and more tailored courses by request throughout the year. We love to teach you what we know about traditional farming techniques brought into the modern era. With more than 20 horses on the farm, we can cater to those wanting to learn about driving large teams to individuals looking to find out more about the basics of working horses on the land and driving farm vehicles. We can cater to all ages and abilities.

Contact us today at 07939 248 371 if you’d like to find out more about our horse-drawn farm and forestry experiences or carriage driving lessons.


All of our courses are totally hands-on and can be tailored to the sort of work you are interested in trying.  No horse experience or farm experience is necessary.

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"What a fantastic day! I cannot recommend their courses highly enough. They are lovely and welcoming, and so passionate and knowledgeable about what they do."

"Absolutely loved every single moment at Hitch In Farm"

"Great course. Mike and Ellie very friendly and welcoming with a vast amount of knowledge and experience to share, both have a very easy teaching manner All hands on and small group with lots of one to one tuition"

"These guys know their stuff! So friendly, informative, patient and fun. The ponies know their job backwards, can't wait to go back again!!"