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Clinic success and a drive on the beach!

It's been a busy couple of weeks! So this newsletter is coming from under the duvet...

On the 10th of September, we joined the BDS Wales drive at Pendine Sands, raising money for the RNLI. It was honestly one of the best days of the year, we joined 24 others combinations, including 4 other pairs to tear it up on 7 miles of golden sand.

Pendine Sands is the site they use to challenge world speed records, because it is hard sand and completely flat, so great for a good gallop too. This also means that you can relatively safely wade into the sea with a wagon, which of course we had to take advantage of!

The horses were fantastic! One of the best things about it though was the fact that the event so was so well attended, and everyone was just out to have a great time. A lot of carriage driving events are off putting in their formality, and cliquey. BDS Wales did. A fantastic job of making this a really fun, vibrant drive!

For the full video...

We also had our first horse and handler clinic, with 5 visiting horses, 2 Shetland ponies, and 3 cobs. This was the first clinic we have done of this type, and it went very well. Everyone got to drive ours, bomb about in the dune buggy and learn how we train our working horses. We have been invited to run a clinic at a venue in Yorkshire so if any Northern folk would like to get involved please let me and I will add you to the list!

We'll also be running a spring clinic in April, but anyone would like to try anything in the mean time get in touch!


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